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February 2024

Tehran Times

Isfahan’s lesser-known sites to enchant Nowruz vacationers

 For the upcoming Nowruz vacations, Isfahan seeks to put the spotlight on its lesser-known destinations for travelers visiting the historical city situated in the heart of the Iranian plateau.

Isfahan, a travel gem with its vast number of wonders, is home to many historical sites, some of which are lesser-known to tourists, according to the provincial tourism chief.

Referring to policies framed by the Department of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Isfahan, Hamidreza Mohaqeqian emphasized that absorbing tourists in both quality and quantity is underway.

Tehran Times

Culinary tourism: an overlooked intangible heritage in Isfahan

Majid Danesh-Mobarhan, the chair of Isfahan’s Associations of Tourist Guides, has emphasized the potential of culinary tourism as an intangible heritage that could play a significant role in Isfahan’s tourism economy.

Speaking to reporters, Danesh-Mobarhan addressed the question of how culinary tourism could contribute to attracting foreign tourists to Isfahan.He stated that tourists’ culinary preferences differ, but due to the abundant potential in Isfahan and the desire of some nationalities to experience different cuisines, culinary tourism could serve as an essential intangible heritage in Isfahan’s tourism economy.


President of Iran: number of foreign tourists up 50% in year

At the opening ceremony of the 17th International Tourism Industry Exhibition, the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, stated that the number of foreign tourists who visited his country from March 2023 to February 2024 (year 1402 according to the Persian solar calendar that started on March 21st, 2023) increased by 50 percent compared to the previous year’s figures, TASS reports

Tehran Times

Gonbad-e Kavus: a traveler’s delight of culture and scenic beauty

TEHRAN – Situated in northern Iran, Gonbad-e Kavus is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking culture and adventure. Here, the splendor of nature meets warm hospitality.

The ancient city is highly celebrated for Gonbad-e Qabus, a remarkable UNESCO-designated brick tower that reaches a height of 53 meters; one of the world’s tallest of its kind!

Travel And Leisure Asia

Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Iran

Embark on a journey through the enchanting land of Iran, where history breathes through every alley and architecture whispers tales of ancient civilisations. From the bustling streets of Tehran and the serene beauty of Isfahan to the majestic ruins of Persepolis and the poetic charm of Shiraz, Iran is a treasure trove of beautiful places waiting to be explored.

Outlook Traveller

Top 5 Places First-Time Travellers Should Visit In Iran

With Iran lifting Visa requirements for Indian citizens, a doorway has opened for travel enthusiasts from India looking to explore “the land of the Aryans.” Renowned for its diverse history and rich cultural heritage, Iran offers a wide range of attractions for every kind of traveller. From the heart of the Persian empire of antiquity to the breathtaking natural wonders, Iran’s diverse landscape is a testament to its historic past.

Breaking Travel News

UN Tourism Secretary-General Concludes Successful Visit to Iran, Emphasizing Tourism Resilience

The Secretary-General of UN Tourism has concluded an official visit to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Zurab Pololikashvili led a high-level delegation to the country to join the official inauguration of the Tehran International Tourism Exhibition and for a series of bilateral meetings to advance common goals around tourism resilience, diversity and rural development.

January 2024

Love Exploring/MSN

Iran’s incredible ancient sites where visitors are banned

As the home of one of the oldest civilizations, Iran is rich in cultural heritage, historical architecture and rare treasures. But sadly, due to the current political climate, seeing these sites in real life remains a distant dream for most of us.

Tehran Times

Persian Caravanserai: three-day event to honor centuries of hospitality

TEHRAN – A three-day event titled “54 UNESCO-registered Iranian caravanserais” is aimed to underscore those places that provided shelter, food, and water for caravans, pilgrims, and other trekkers for millennia.

Organized by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts, the event will commence at the Niavaran Cultural and Historical Complex on January 11, IRNA reported.


Gonabad: A Historical Treasure Trove and Potential Tourism Hotspot

Ezzatollah Zarghami, Iran’s Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism, and Handicrafts, embarked on a significant journey to the ancient city of Gonabad. This city is famed for its historic qanat system, a remarkable feat of engineering and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Zarghami’s visit was far from a mere touristic endeavor; instead, he cast a keen eye over the region’s potential for tourism investment, underpinning the rich tapestry of cultural heritage and historical significance that Gonabad embodies.

December 2023


Iran lifts visa rules for 33 countries including Gulf states -ISNA

DUBAI, Dec 14 (Reuters) – Iran said it was lifting visa requirements for 33 countries, including Gulf states like Saudi Arabia with which Tehran had frosty relations for years until a recent rapprochement, the Iranian Students News Agency said on Thursday.

“The ministry of tourism believes that an open-door policy will showcase Iran’s determination to engage with different countries of the world,” the semi-official ISNA reported.

Travel And Tour World

TITE aims to boost travel and tourism in Iran

According to the organizer, the most important consequence of tourism is its economic results.

Therefore, in all countries, rich and poor, efforts are made to take advantage of a strong economy in economic development programs.

Tehran Times

3000-year-old qanat to emerge as Iran’s newest tourist appeal

TEHRAN – Efforts are underway to revive the ancient marvel of Qanat-e Zarch, a 3000-year-old subterranean aqueduct stretched in central Iran, as part of a move to enhance tourism prospects in the region.

This ambitious initiative is poised to not only revive a historical treasure but also fortify the local economy, according to Zarch’s governor Morteza Zibaian.

Highlighting the far-reaching benefits of resurrecting the 3000-year-old Qanat-e Zarch, the governor underscored its potential to significantly bolster the local economy while concurrently amplifying tourism opportunities.

Travel And Tour World

Iran attracts international tourists with waiving of visa

In a significant stride towards enhancing its tourism infrastructure, Iran, under the leadership of President Hassan Rouhani, is set to introduce electronic visas for foreign tourists by the end of 2016. This announcement came from Masoud Soltanifar, Vice-President and Head of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization, during the opening ceremony of an international tourism exhibition.

eTurbo News

Tehran International Tourism Exhibition

The 17th Tehran International Tourism & Related Industries Exhibition (TIFE) is a vehicle to earn foreign exchange for the Islamic Republic of Iran and for its travel and tourism stakeholders.

TIFE is scheduled for February 12-15, 2024 at the Tehran International Permanent Fairground.

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