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Shafiabad, the last populated area before the road veers into the Dasht-e Lut desert, is home to an ancient and very big caravanserai – Shafiabad Caravansary – which has been under renovation for years. Plans are to turn it into a hotel.

Shafiabad (sha-FEE-awe-bawd, also spelled Shafi Abad) is home to a growing number of lodges, referred to as “ecolodges”, which do a brisk business during the late fall, winter and early spring months but sit empty during the searing heat of the summer.

We stayed at the Ghadomberian Ecolodge, where we slept inside “capar” tents made out of dried palm leaves.

There is also an qanat on the edge of the village.

The village is about 100 km northeast of Kerman, in the Kerman Province.

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