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Visits to famous mausoleums in Iran probably will be on your tour itinerary.

  1. Almost all these people will be MEN.
  2. Many might be names that you hardly know.

I myself tend to tire quickly from visiting too many historical places on a single trip.

Nevertheless, visiting famous tombs and mausoleums in Iran is usually worth the trouble because …

1. The architecture of Tombs & Mausoleums in Iran

Iranians pay significant attention to building spectacular tombs for their religious icons, kings, poets, and other personalities. It’s in the culture. The dead are not really dead in the Persian psyche. They are just in another dimension and worthy of veneration. You’ll see nicely framed large photos of dead fathers and grandfathers in many shops and living rooms in Iran.

2. Persian mindset is shaped by the past

You might learn more about the Persian history & mindset, especially if there is translated text at the site. Hopefully, your tour leader will competently explain the significance of the person to Iranians.

3. The Atmosphere at Iran’s tombs and mausoleums

The ambience at these places tends to be contemplative, focused on introspection and not the trivial. People are thoughtful. You might even see people saying prayers for the dead poet or writer or artist. You might have interesting discussions with Iranian visitors or caretakers of the site.


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