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Kings consulted with him, lions bowed to him and his fans claim he folded time and space. But what Sheikh Abol-Hasan Kharaghani is most famous for is his respect all people, regardless of race or religion.

I am not a great fan of visiting a lot of the mausoleums of Iran – at least not on the same tour. But Saeideh and I always go out of our way to stop at the tomb of Sheikh Abol-Hasan Kharaghani when I am in the Shahrud area.

There is something very special about the feeling inside the structure and on the grounds. The energy brought by the adherents of the 10th-century mystic is palpable.

The place is also immediately next to the one of my favorite plains flanked by amazingly beautiful mountains.

About Sheikh Abol-Hasan Kharaghani

Kings consulted with him, lions bowed to him and his fans even claim the man could fold space and time.

But what Sheikh Kharaghani (also spelled Aboul-Hassan and Abu_al-Hassan_al-Kharaqani) is best known for is his respect for all people, regardless of their labels.

This is his most famous statement, inscribed at the mausoleum, a must-visit destination in the village of Kharaghan, about 20 km north of Shahrud:

“Whoever enters my place, feed them without asking about their faith. Because if God almighty saw them worthy of the gift of life, then they are certainly worthy of being fed at the house of Abol-Hasan.”

Sheikh Abol-Hasan Kharaghani

The 11th century Sufi and mystic still draws fans from all over the world, who pray at his tomb overlooking the idyllic greenery of the mausoleum.

A Shahrud & Abr Forest destination

The tomb is on the way to the Clouds Forest (Abr Forest) when driving there from Shahrud.

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