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The East Azerbaijan province of Iran is in the northwest of country.   It is in northwest of Iran, bordering the nations of Armenia and Azerbaijan. Its capital is the historic and touristic city of Tabriz. Most people here speak the language of Azari, a version of Turkish.

Best times to visit East Azerbaijan province of Iran

Travel to the historic and picturesque region is a great option for when you have to visit Iran during the warm seasons.  It is cold and snowy in winter but during the summer months it has cooler weather than Iran’s southern provinces. Best times to visit are mid to late spring, summer and early fall.

Top attractions of the East Azerbaijan province of Iran

  • Lake Urmia, the sixth-largest saltwater lake on Earth, although it is shrinking. Occasionally, its water turns red, providing interesting scenery for photography.
  • Kandovan is a quaint village carved in to the rocky mountains, about an hour from Tabriz. It provides stunning views, although it can become overcrowded by tourists during the holidays.
  • Bazar of Tabriz is a UNESCO Heritage site due to it’s age and unique architecture.
  • The Saint Stepanos Monastery is a centuries-old Armenian church on a site that held a church as far back as 62 AD.  It is about 15 km northwest of the city of Jolfa (Julfa).
  • Arasbaran Protected Area is another UNESCO-registered site with stunning mountains and forests and home to many species of birds and mammals. It provides many opportunities for camping, mountain climbing or just driving through stunning scenery.
Map of Iran's East Azerbaijan province
Map of Iran’s East Azerbaijan province in the northwest of the country.

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