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Risk of Jail in Iran? Wrong!

Iranian road police, Travel Tour Iran Ali Torkzadeh Com 3363

For an entire month I drove and Iranians tried to kill me … with kindness … and also with their cars. Today is our first day back from a 4,000 kilometer road trip from our home in Mashhad to Tehran and through northwest Iran and back home via the Caspian coast. As I drag myself out of..

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Extreme Persian Generosity

“I’ve known people all over Iran and discovered that with people, it’s only their heart that’s big or small,” shepherd Mohammed Motamedi told us.

As any tourist would attest, Iranians can get extreme with for their hospitality – which is one of the rewards of living in Iran and something I greatly miss when I’m not in Iran. Persians see offers of hospitality as essential to one’s expression of dignity. Someone who does not profusely offer hospitality is seen..

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Three Days in Lorestan

Touring picture-perfect Lorestan, Iran

“My duty is well-defined. I exist to serve my wife. No one loves his wife as much as I do.” I met Asgar Azizi all of ten minutes ago and already he is waxing poetic for the four visitors squatted before him. The females in our group burst out laughing. One of them demands proof…

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