mazandaran shephard seyyed mahmud abolghasemi iran from village of ghaleh sar

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mazandaran shephard seyyed mahmud abolghasemi iran from village of ghaleh sar
Our Iran Road Trip > Meeting a shepherd
The hard life of a shepherd in Iran
Badab Soort or Surt mineral springs in southeastern Mazandaran, Iran travel tourism coastal copyright ali torkzadeh
Badab Soort hot springs of north Iran
Iran’s Answer To Yellowstone’s Hot Springs
alandan or alendan lake deep inside the forest mazandaran iran tourism travel road trip
Camping in Iran: Alendan of Mazandaran
Fresh water lake at 1200 meters above sea level
in our Iran adventure we met ali zabei former racketeer mosbster turned moslem servant sari mazandaran iran copyright ali torkzadeh
Mobster turned Moslem servant
“Mortician, wash my dead body calmly”
on our train trip in Iran Our Fadak train host helping us finding our sits at the Mashhad train station
A Perfect Train trip in Iran
The Tehran to Mashhad “Fadak” line is comfortable and relatively inexpensive
destruction of historical monuments in Iran - the towers at Seyyed Zein Al-Abedin Hoseiniye Sari Mazandaran Iran
Tour of Caspian Coast: City of Sari
The northernmost province of Iran
travel tourism village home in Seyyed Mahalleh near Sari Mazandaran province iran
Waking in a traditional Iranian village home
Deep unscientific analysis of sleeping on the floor in Iran
travel for real mahali local food in iran breakfast in filband mazandaran iran
North Iran Tour: Fantastic local food
And avoiding Iranian hotels on our 4th day of escape from Tehran
An island in an ocean of clouds, Filiband, Mazandaran. A strange world and yet jsut just a daytrip from Tehran
Touring Iran’s Caspian Region: Filband
Day 3 of our aimless escape to the highest point in Iran’s Mazandaran
filband village mazandaran above clouds daytrip from tehran-001
Iran Caspian Trip: Journey into the clouds
The journey to Filband, Mazandran’s highest point
View of the Haraz River one of countless restaurants on the infamous Haraz Road, which links Tehran to Amol, Mazandaran. Copyright Ali Torkzadeh,
Iran road travel: Tehran to Caspian Sea trip
On the infamous & alluring Haraz Road
Waking up iranian countryside touring travel outside daytrip tehran iran
Iran Road Tour: Mt. Damāvand’s first sighting
Escaping from Tehran keeps paying off
Road outside tehran iran tour tourism travel in iran road trips tourists
How to plan a road tour of Iran
First night of an unorganized trip
Touring Iran's countryside, Scene in the village of Lāsem, in Bala Larijan Rural District, Larijan District, Amol County, Mazandaran Province, Iran. Copyright Ali Torkzadeh,
Touring Iran’s countryside: Our first night
Iranian village stay on Day 2 of our trip to Khorasan
Shittes, Shia Moslem men Men waiting to be fed as part of commemoration of Ashura in Iran
Religious Holidays in Iran: Lots of Free Food!
Tasty free food is bonus of religious holidays in Iran

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