Lorestan province of Iran

Lorestan province is a picturesque region along the Zagros mountains of Iran with a vast and unexploited tourism potential. Its capital is Khorramabad.

Because of its cold mountainous climate, the best to travel to Lorestan is late spring and summer.

Its best-known destinations include the 1800-year-old Sassanid-era Falak-ol-Aflak castle, which is now a must-see museum, the Bisheh Waterfall, and Gahar Lake.

Lorestan province of Iran is home to the Lur and Kurdish people. The Lurs are famous for their hospitality and kind, honest, guileless attitude toward visitors.

Travel attractions for visiting tourists in Lorestan include the cities of Kuhdasht, Borujerd, Aligudarz, Dorud, Aleshtar.

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