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Village of Shafiabad, Kerman – in pictures

Qanat Of Shafiabad, On The Edge Of Dasht E Lut Desert, Kerman Province, Iran

Our pics from Shafiabad, the last populated area before the road veers into the Dasht-e Lut desert. It is home to an ancient and very big caravanserai, which has been under renovation for years and an old qanat, which is, apparently, still functioning.

Swimming & Wonderment Under the Desert

Ghasabe Qanats Of Gonabad, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

Swimming on a hot day is good. Swimming under the desert in a 2,500-year-old canal is extra special. I am 15 meters below ground, inside one of the world’s oldest qanats – the system of underground canals Persians invented to transport water from mountains to the desert. The Ghasabe (a.k.a.Qasabeh) Qanats of the town of Gonabad, in..

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