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Massive Glory in Sleepy Town

Gonabad Museum Of Anthropology, Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran

Today we were again reminded that Iran’s appeal is not limited to what the travel guidebooks pitch. There’s awe-inspiring beauty in many of Iran’s small towns, sans the traffic and expense of the touristy hotspots. Gonabad (go-NAW-bawd) is 288 km south of Mashhad in northeast Iran. It’s not even on the primary route from Mashhad to the..

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Imāmzādeh Sāleh Mausoleum

Imāmzādeh Sāleh Mausoleum, Tajrish, Tehran

[photonav url=/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/tajrish_tehran_bazaar_ali.torkzadeh.com-195419.jpg mode=drag360 popup=colorbox animate=left position=right container_width= container_height=200] Imāmzādeh Sāleh (Persian: امامزاده صالح‎‎) is a shrine and mosque in north Tehran, known as the burial place of the brother of Imam Reza. For the foreign tourist, the intricate tile-work outside and the interior mirror-work can be mesmerizing. For me, just sitting in the plaza or..

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