The exterior of the Shah Mosque, the quintessential Persian mosque, located in Isfahan, Iran. Copyright Ali Torkzadeh,

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Isfahan province of Iran is home to the famous historic and touristic cities of Isfahan (Esfahan) and Kashan. It’s often the first stop for most of foreign tourists touring Iran.

The province also contains several famous deserts, including Varzaneh, Dashte Kavir, Khara, Rig-e Jenn, Maranjab deserts. Dashte (Dasht-e) Kavir (aka Kavir-e Namak or Great Salt Desert) is Iran’s largest desert and the world’s largest salt desert. It’s a top tourist attraction for the Iran visitor.

Isfahan is also home to numerous abandoned and restored caravanserais.

The best time to visit Isfahan province is early spring and fall. It’s hot and crowded during summer.


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