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Risk of Jail in Iran? Wrong!

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The biggest risk of travel in Iran is not going to jail (or from getting shot or ripped off, as is the case in the streets of America and Europe). Here the risk is getting your gourd smashed in a traffic accident! Or at least think you’re hallucinating after witnessing what Iranian drivers are capable of. I’m in an incredibly beautiful land with people who are insane drivers but nonetheless have stolen my heart with endless kindness and generosity.

Escaping Tehran Once Again

Sometimes ducks rule the roads in Lorestan, Iran

I shot out of bed this morning but it wasn’t until later that I realized why. At breakfast, I felt the butterflies in my stomach. Then the image of the mountains I will face today flashed in my head and, viola, it finally dawned on me why I’m so zapped: I’m escaping Tehran once again. I’m..

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