November 2019

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Lut Desert Gorgeous Lake in Hottest Spot on Earth

The flooding which struck Iran’s southeastern Kerman province in early spring this year has created a beautiful lake in the heart of Lut Desert regarded as the hottest spot on earth.

October 2019

Asia Pacific Report

10 reasons why tourists must visit Iran

Some critics say that Iranian authorities since the 1979 Islamic Revolution spend far more and devote greater attention to the religious artefacts and buildings of Islam to the neglect of some historical sites. However, whatever the truth about that Iran boasts a never-ending range of impressive and attractive places to visit.

The tragedy is that not enough is known about the country’s cultural and historical wonders in the West because of the regime’s pariah political status and the refusal of many mainstream travel companies to run regular tours.

Asia Pacific Report

Travel advisories about Iran ‘laughable’

Frankly, this is laughable when you consider what New Zealand suffered on March 15 with a terrorist gunman killing a total of 51 peaceful worshipers at two Christchurch mosques being a far worse attack that either of the Iranian incidents mentioned on Travel Safe – in Ahvaz on 22 September 2018 and the capital Tehran on 7 June 2017.

The Intercept

Flawed, lazy journalism one reason for Iran’s poor image

Mehdi HasanThe evidence for these hawkish headlines? For this stream of alarmist media reports about “threats” and “attacks” from Iran? Yes, you guessed it: statements provided to reporters by U.S. officials hiding behind a cloak of anonymity. In some cases, just one official.

Plenty of journalists say they want to learn the lessons of Iraq. But the sad reality is that many of my colleagues in the media are, wittingly or unwittingly, becoming complicit in this administration’s cynical and dangerous attempt “to draw Iran into an armed conflict with the United States.”

Associated Press

Afghan refugee’s ‘Dream’ coffee shop in Iran becomes reality

Afghan refugee's 'Dream' coffee shop in Iran becomes reality“Many think that Afghans are unable to speak Farsi with the Iranian accent or are illiterate,” Jafari told The Associated Press on a recent day at the café. “But when they come here, they see Afghan university students for themselves and get to know our culture and dialect better and it is very interesting for them. Here their false presumptions about us are transformed and Iranians and Afghans sometimes even make friends with each other.”

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Tourists Drive All Way from France to Iran with Dyane

A group of French tourists recently visited the historical sites of Iran with the vintage cars they had driven all the way from Europe.

A video circulated on Iranian social media shows these tourists showing off their Citroen Dyane cars during a visit to the central Iranian city of Kashan.

Earlier this month, a French 55-member motorcyclist group arrived in Iran via Bazargan border crossing, northwestern Iran.

Tehran Times

The Swiss know Iran for its ancient civilization: Ambassador

Markus Leitner told ILNA in an interview The ambassador also pointed to photos that Georg Gerster (Swiss journalist and a pioneer aerial photographer) took from Iran’s landscapes and historical monuments in the 1970s, saying, “I think the photos of Georg Gerster, taken from the sky over Iran, have so far been shown in numerous exhibitions in Switzerland and elsewhere around the world, and it shows just how the Swiss people are interested in seeing Iran.”

Tehran Times

Iran uses Social Media Influencers to fight ‘Iranophobia’

how SM influencers help fight fear of IranTourism minister Ali-Asghar Mounesan said on Thursday that the ministry supports certain the Instagram influencers to travel to the country.

“Instagram influencers’ trips to Iran are backed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts and, in the advertising arena, we do a lot of work to fight Iranophobia and introduce the true face of Iran,” Mounesan said.


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Instagram and Twitter influencers visit Iran

 group of Instagram and Twitter influencers from Turkey, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, India and China have been visiting Iran for the past couple of days.A group of Instagram and Twitter influencers from Turkey, Russia, Italy, Ukraine, India and China have been visiting Iran for the past couple of days.

The influencers, who have some 16 million followers in total, made their journeys on a fam tour organized by the private sector with the aim of getting familiar with different aspects of the ancient land and introducing them to others.

“… It is supposed to help create a new image of Iran in the minds of people across the world, shape dreams and goals before visiting a country named Iran, and encourage the tourists to come to Iran and discover all of its cities and unknown places.”

Tehran Times

Iran submits dossier to UNESCO for listing Uraman landscape


TEHRAN – Iran has recently submitted a dossier to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization for possible inscription of the Uraman cultural landscape which is situated west of the country.

Some eighty experts in various fields have compiled and developed the dossier in terms of anthropology, archeology and history, natural sciences, architecture, historical documents and other related fields, IRNA reported on Saturday.

Local officials believe that inscription of the property on the prestigious list of the UN body could jumpstart tourism in the region and also look at it as a tool for better conservation of its natural landscapes and unique cultural scenes for the next generations, saying its unique rural texture, architecture, lifestyle and agriculture is a prominent example of integration of man into the nature.


Tehran Times

15,000 Spanish travelers arrived in Iran in 2018 – Spanish Ambassador

TEHRAN – Madrid’s ambassador to Tehran, Eduardo López Busquets, said that in 2018 some 15,000 Spanish travelers arrived in Iran and 30,000 Iranian nationals were granted visas for Spain.

Spaniards mostly visited the cities of Isfahan, Shiraz, Kashan and Yazd, the ambassador said, adding that Spanish people used to arrive in Iran generally for trade and business but nowadays they mostly visit the country for tourism purposes.

Stuff (New Zealand)

Iran among world’s fastest growing countries for tourism in 2019

Here’s one that gladdens the heart. Iran’s numbers might still be small – 7.3 million visitors in 2018, compared with, say, France’s 89 million – but they’re increasing sharply. More and more people are being drawn to one of the world’s most misunderstood countries, which can only be a good thing. Get there now before everyone else does.

The Travel

Ecuador & Iran Saw Biggest Tourism Increases For 2019

Other countries that saw major include Iran (by 49.9 percent), Egypt (36.6 percent) and Uganda (31.9 percent). The nation of Georgia – with an estimated population of 4 million people – brought in close to five million.


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Iran displays 300 ancient tablets returned from US

The National Museum of Iran is exhibiting some 300 cuneiform tablets returned from the United States following a judicial saga.

Originally from the ruins of Persepolis, capital of the Persian Achaemenid Empire (559–330 B.C,) in southern Iran, these works belong to a batch of 1,783 tablets or pieces of clay tablets returned Monday by the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago.

In the 1930s, the university had received from Iran on loan some 30,000 tablets or pieces of tablets found in Persepolis, for research purposes, according to the Iranian press.

September 2019

Financial Tribune

Iran Travel Enthusiasm Endures Despite Tensions With US

Rising tensions between Tehran and Washington are increasingly affecting Iran’s tourism industry.

More and more travelers choose to stay away, being afraid something might happen. But some, like Julius and Cornelia from Germany, are going anyway, DW reported.

Their holiday in Iran is a special experience; not just because of the captivation sights, smells and sounds in the bazaar in Tehran, but also because of the political tensions. Friends and family were skeptical at first, but the couple’s choice of Iran as a destination was a deliberate one.