July 2021


Remembering Iran, where the unexpected happens

Remembering Iran, where the unexpected happens

As Americans, we were cautioned to stay in groups of at least two or three and not to wander far from our hotel.

The U.S. and Iranian governments were aware of our exchange, and while it wasn’t without risk considering the political strife between our countries, they had given us the green light.

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Personal Insights: From Kinsale to Iran and the human kindness I will never forget

We are in Balochistan; an area the size of France which is neither a country nor state, but a region that embraces the borders of Iran, Pakistan and Afghanistan. Seldom visited by tourists, it is a bleak, brown, arid, rocky desert and mountainous region; populated by millions of fiercely independent Baluchis, denied a nationhood by colonialists, who carved up their lands as spoils of war a century ago.