September 2020


Iranian tourism drops to ‘near-zero levels’ due to coronavirus

Iran tourism drops to near zero
The coronavirus pandemic is choking Iran’s tourism industry as the number of foreign tourists drops to an all-time low, prompting record layoffs and reducing income to near-zero levels.

August 2020

Tehran Times

Only 74 international travelers visit Iran during spring

tourists in Iran, spring 2020
The number of foreign travelers to Iran has drastically plunged due to the global coronavirus pandemic as the Islamic Republic registered only 74 visits during the spring season. “Iran’s [inbound] tourism came to almost zero and the country had 74 foreign tourists in the first three months of this [Iranian calendar] year (started on March 20), due to corona outbreak,” Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister Ali-Asghar Mounesan in a televised interview late on Tuesday.

June 2020

Tehran Times

Reopening travel to Iran set for mid-summer – government official

TEHRAN – Iran’s tourism ministry has forecast that the country will start hosting foreign travelers as of mid-summer with the priority given to travelers from the neighboring countries.

May 2020

Tehran Times

Easing lockdown, Iran reopens UNESCO-registered Persepolis, other tourist destinations

TEHRAN – Iran has recently reopened the UNESCO-registered Persepolis, which was once the ceremonial capital of the mighty Achaemenid Empire, as well as many other tourist destinations to sightseers and history buffs, marking another phase in the easing of one of the world’s restrictions over the coronavirus outbreak.

April 2020

Iran Front Page

Corona notwithstanding, German Doctor Visits Ancient Persian Route on Horseback

Orlika’s trip to Iran amid the global concerns about the coronavirus pandemic has even surprised her host.

Tehran Times

Post-coronavirus: Iran formulating action plan to return tourism to normal

Iran’s tourism has announced it is developing an action plan to get the country’s travel back on track after the threat of novel coronavirus is over. Like many other countries, Iran’s travel industry has suffered huge losses in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Atlantic Council

COVID-19: The last nail in the coffin of Iran’s tourism industry?

Now, that Iran’s government has taken actions to temporarily bring the country’s domestic tourism industry to a halt, there are concerns about when or whether this sector can recover. Theoretically, a government bailout could keep the industry alive, but the government is, apparently, not planning on giving the tourism sector a boost because they are not in a fiscal position to save such industries. Consequently, many companies will go into the red assuming they do not completely collapse. The most optimistic assessment would conclude that, because of Iran’s natural beauty, diverse archeological sites, rich culture rooted in ancient history, and the Iranian people’s reputation as hospitable hosts, the crisis in the country’s tourism sector will be temporary.