Iran was named a top 2016 tourist destination by Conde Nast Traveller and National Geographic Traveller and The New York Times says visits are surging.

March 2017

Holidays in Iran: From no-go to tourist hotspot

Today’s warzone is tomorrow’s tourist attraction. … Iran is already on its way to becoming the next one. It will be a conventional destination before too long, provided the US’ sanctions don’t change things too drastically. The local people there are too friendly, the historical and religious sites too amazing, for this place to stay off the mainstream radar for too much longer.

September 2016

Travel & Tourism, ECONOMIC IMPACT 2016, IRAN

A report by The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) on the economic impact of travel & tourism in Iran, 2016.

Euromonitor Report: Iran likely to become a leading tourism market

Iran can now be trusted in the eyes of international tourists, it is being mediatised and its culture, history and nature are being showcased on television channels across the world. Iran is likely to become the leading tourism market in the MENA region, provided that the infrastructure is able to develop and cope with changes. Report

Iran: Why you need to visit now

Now that British Airways has reintroduced its London to Tehran route for the first time since 2012 following the relaxation of sanctions, Iran is ready to be rediscovered by discerning travellers who seek rich, ancient culture, modern cities filled with UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a fabulous social scene.

CNN: Inside Iran’s museum to its wartime past

The Holy Defense Museum may not be the first place travelers would seek out when visiting Iran.
Nevertheless, and despite its less-than-glamorous name, the Holy Defense Museum in Tehran does offer something different: It’s like a war memorial for the digital age.

CNN: 30 beautiful photos of Iran – as British Airways resumes flights to Tehran

Iran is expected to experience a tourism boom. Visitors may be surprised to discover the riches the country has to offer, including ancient ruins, pristine beaches and popular ski resorts. Iran made it on to the top destination lists of major publications such as The Financial Times and The Guardian in 2015 thanks to sights that include 2,500-year-old ruins at Persepolis near Shiraz and 16th-century Islamic architectural gems in Isfahan.

As more and more airlines launch new routes to Iran, this increasingly open country is fast becoming a popular tourist destination

Yet in the cities, Iran’s young women hang out with young men in shabby-chic cafés. They wear tight-fitting jeans and transform head scarves into fashion accessories with vibrant colours and stylish designs, thrown back to cover only half the head.

British Airways resumes direct flights to Iran after sanctions are lifted

A BA spokeswoman said: “The Iranians have been extremely helpful in setting up this important new route and have been as keen as we are for the service to start. Tehran is an important destination for British Airways and we wanted to ensure that the service we offered met the highest standards our customers rightly expect of us from day one.”

August 2016

United States Loosens Restrictions on Non-US Carrier Flights to Iran

US government authorizes non-US airlines to fly US origin aircraft into Iran for stays of up to 72 hours, activity which was previously prohibited under the ITSR without a specific OFAC license

Official: 200 Iranian historic houses to undergo restoration by March 2017

A top Iranian cultural official has said that some municipalities across the country will conserve a total of 200 historic houses in need of restoration by the end of the current Iranian calendar year.

Surfing the Waves in Iran’s Sistan and Baluchistan Province

Surfing isn’t exactly big in Iran, but in the village of Ramin, in the country’s south-east Sistan and Baluchistan province, a surfing school with a growing reputation is set on changing all that.

Iran’s tourism sector growing, but is it enough?

Iran is considered to be generally safe to visit, and another major advantage for the nation’s tourism industry is that the World Economic Forum found the country to be the world’s cheapest tourism destination in 2015.

Travel Pulse: Iran’s Tourism Sector Continues to Grow

The country is generally safe to visit and is also relatively inexpensive, however a lack of four- and five-star hotels as well as knowledge about Iran’s tourism sector are keeping an influx of visitors away.

The Porn Star In Search of a Perfect Nose … In Iran

Nobody does this operation better, it’s said. But when Candy Charms posted her story on Instagram, it caused a social media firestorm that soon grew political.

Economist Magazine: Tehran tops the ‘most improved’ of the ‘ Liveable cities 2016’ list

A period of relative stability has put the Iranian capital No1 on the list of world cities that have achieved biggest improvements in liveability over the past five years, as calculated by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

Cox & Kings puts Iran in destination spotlight

Cox & Kings has urged agents to consider Iran as an alternative to struggling North African destinations such as Egypt and Tunisia.–kings-puts-iran-in-destination-spotlight-6323

The surprising women of Iran

Cambridge photojournalist challenges perceptions of Iranian women in latest exhibit

July 2016

Tourism on the rebound in Iran

More visitors have been exploring Iran since last year’s landmark nuclear deal and the lifting of sanctions.

June 2016

Destination Iran: Alexander + Roberts Opens a New Frontier

Pioneering American travel company that created the Cold War era tour to the Soviet Union has offered a tour to Iran for the first time.

February 2016

34 incredibly beautiful reasons to visit Iran

With international sanctions on their way out, the world is running out of excuses not to visit Iran.
One look at this collection of images is going to pile on even more pressure to get there quick.

NYT: Sanctions Lifted, American Tourists Head to Iran

Tour operators say the demand has been so acute that they are racing to add new departures and selling them in record time.

Iranian Modern Architecture: An Introduction to Incredible Buildings

Iran’s cultural heritage includes modern architecture, from stunning Modernist structures built during the reign of Shah Reza Pahlavi that showcase vernacular styles and Islamic tradition, as well as a new generation of contemporary designs and styles.

January 2016

Could Iran Become the Next Dubai, an Aviation Superpower?

Tehran had always been an optimal location on the air routes linking Europe, the Middle East and Asia.