Shopping in and around Jome (JOE-meh) Bazaar, on Tehran's Jomhouri Ave.
At the Jome (JOE-meh) Bazaar, on Tehran’s Jomhouri Ave.

Pretty much anything on this planet can be found at Tehran’s Friday Bazaar, at half the price and in a million varieties – if you can stand the crowds.

The Jome Bazaar (JOAM-eh, Persian for Friday) is inside a multi-story parking garage near the Embassy of the United Kingdom on Jomhouri and Ferdowsi Aves. It is packed with food, clothing, rugs, artwork and pretty much anything else in existence.

The prices are unbelievably low. The only problem is lack of oxygen because of the overcrowding – at least when we visited three days before Nowruz, the Persian new year’s day.

But if you can stand the crowds, it’s the place to find the lowest price.

The hawking spills outside into the crowded streets after dark. Nightgowns for equivalent of $10 USD. Gucci glasses (fake high copies) for $5.

Here’s a child hawking cloth for the equivalent of $2.50:

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