How many driving laws can be broken simultaneously? The brave (and insane) Iranian drivers in the photo below take the challenge one late Friday night, when countless families are returning to Tehran from weekend trips:

Insane driving on Iranian roads, on the Feerouz-kooh road toward Tehran.

This is a two-way road, not one-way, on the Firuzkuh road, about 80 km east of Tehran.

A is a truck going its merry way uphill, but not fast enough for the drivers behind it growing increasingly impatient.

B sees an opening on the right side; it’s the shoulder but in light of what’s transpiring, he’d qualify as the safest driver.

C is passing A on the left, but not to be left outdone …

D is passing to the left of C, spilling into the left shoulder.

E says, “If they can do it, why can’t I?” It lines up behind C and D’s suicidal positions, totally blind to the traffic coming toward it.

F does same as E. There is no shortage of insanity here.

So we have at least four vehicles driving on the left side of the road, on a busy two-way road.

Here’s what came through seconds later:

This is a two-way road on the Feerouz-kooh road near Tehran.

Thankfully, everyone pulled back quick enough to avoid smashing into the tanker truck that rolled in.

Oh, well; there’s always tomorrow to try to meet my maker.

Like a friend said, today’s Iranians “are conditioned to think that they have to be crazier, wilder, more daring than the next guy to get ahead.

“Maybe it was the Iran-Iraq war; all the carnage people saw. Maybe it’s all the economic pressure, the poverty, the inability to express themselves, the daily grind of trying and trying and never ever getting ahead.

“But something in the Iranian psyche has changed. We’re crazier, we’re on the edge. We’re willing to do anything now.”