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Imāmzādeh Sāleh (Persian: امامزاده صالح‎‎) is a shrine and mosque in north Tehran, known as the burial place of the brother of Imam Reza.

For the foreign tourist, the intricate tile-work outside and the interior mirror-work can be mesmerizing.

For me, just sitting in the plaza or sahn in the front provides a fantastic break from the frenetic pace of Tehran and a place to rest after shopping at the Tajrish Bazaar, which is immediately to the north of shrine.

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Women have to wear the chador to enter the mosque or the plaza in the front, but if you don’t have one with you, they hand them out.

With the grand Alborz peak in the background, the shrine is a beautiful site to behold and also provides a great place to quietly people watch. Many come here to pray for help from Imāmzādeh Sāleh, sometimes in wheelchairs.

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