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All about seeking, creating and eating Persian / Iranian food

Fresh from Farm is Real in Iran

Nartitee Ecolodge, Taft, Yazd Province, Iran

Getting fresh dairy and eggs in Iran is not about money; like much of life in Iran, it’s about politics. First and foremost depends on the quality of one’s connections: knowing a supplier whom you can trust, getting the right phone call when supplies arrive from the countryside and securing your share before they’re grabbed by others.

The Splendor of Fresh Iranian Bread

Nanvaii (breadmaking Shop) In Central Mashhad, Iran

You see the creation of food at a primal level, men relentlessly clawing the doe, molding and shaping it, and then facing the sometimes unbearable heat of the open oven–in order to feed themselves and the world around them. This is real; Wall Street speculation is not.

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