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iPhone Drama in Tehran

Electronics Market in Tehran, Iran

TEHRAN, Iran – X was walking to her car when a motorcyclist snatched away her handbag, which contained her iPhone. The 25-year-old college student wanted a replacement but buying a genuine American product in Iran sometimes requires a dive into the seedy underbelly of this tumultuous metropolis of 16 million. In Iran, it’s impossible to..

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Iran’s Never-Ending Housing Bubble Takes a Nap, Sort of

Mashhad Iran Construction

MASHHAD, Iran, March 3, 2015 – I am standing in pouring winter rain in land for sale that looks like a war-zone. The swimming pool is infested with algae; there’s a rusting metal pergola about to crash into the cracked cement below, and despite the denials of the owner, part of the land appears to..

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Tradition vs. Facebook: Clash of Cultures at IT Seminar in Iran

IT Seminar in Mashhad, Iran

MASHHAD, Iran, Jan 29, 2015 – To an outsider, visiting an IT seminar in Iran might seem like a bizarre mix of tradition, blatant advertising and emotional calls to stop government stifling of the Internet. Like any official Iranian event, the one-day seminar at Mashhad’s Islamic Azad University, began with the obligatory Koran recitation and..

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