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First-time visitors of Iran almost always report going through some version of the following three stages:

  1. Before I left for Iran, I was worried or others discouraged me or even predicted tragedy.
  2. Once I arrived, I was shocked how things did not match what I expected.
  3. Now I am so grateful for having gone to Iran and hope to return soon.

Now that travel to Iran is surging, I see such reports on nearly weekly basis. It’s the classic example of preconceptions – built over four decades of misinformation and fear – not matching the reality.

September 2016

Reflections Upon Visiting Iran

“In many ways, Iran has surprised me. Before coming here, my impressions of the country were largely shaped by Argo … Tehran has been a revelation. I can only hope to be back some day.”

Reflections Upon Visiting Iran

August 2016

How Is Hitchhiking As A Woman In Iran?

Never before have I been to a country whereby the preconceptions of it are so far away from reality. There is no war in Iran, the country is generally safe, and the living standards are comparable to those from Europe. The architecture is gorgeous, the landscapes diverse and the people ― the people of Iran are the best. They are incredibly kind and friendly, and always eager to meet foreigners with an open door and a cup of chai. It really is an amazing country.

July 2016

Did I feel unsafe during my trip to Iran? Not a second.

I cannot tell how many times I got the question “Is Iran safe?” or the statement ”You must be crazy to travel to females to Iran” before we left. … Did I feel unsafe during my trip to Iran? Not a second. Not in the bazars, not on the VIP night buses we used to travel between cities. Would I go there again? Absolutely; I have only seen parts of the country and it is so much to experience in Iran. And for female travellers; no problem at all. I would even go that far saying solo female traveling should not be a problem …

Iran embraces visitor with warm welcome, bazaars, mosques

I wanted to visit Iran, they thought I was crazy. They didn’t believe it was safe, or they thought Iranians would be hostile toward Americans. Nothing could be further from the truth: The people’s friendly welcome was rivaled only by the beautiful remains of Persian culture.

June 2016

56 Days Hijabbing it in Iran


Kylie Wearing Chador in Shah Cheragh, Shiraz
Kylie Wearing the chador in Shah Cheragh, Shiraz

Iran is a contradiction in itself; … We get told its like Saudi Arabia and that the people are oppressed and its dangerous. But instead everything is possible – but only behind closed doors. …

If someone in Iran says “you are my guest”, expect them to take complete care of you. It is one of the safest countries in the world for tourists.

56 Days Hijabbing it in Iran

August 2015

First Cuba, Now Iran? Tourism is Booming in the Most Unlikely Places

Before we set off to Iran there was fear. … Such was the response to us, an American couple, going to Iran.
… It surprises people — we sometimes think they don’t believe us when we tell them that Iran was the country where we felt most like rock stars.

March 2014

Alone in Iran – What Was I Thinking?

“Most people whom I talked with about my trip offered me strong words of caution, with some even trying to convince me not to go, especially alone. The thing is, I haven’t felt alone once since I landed in Iran. … So far my experience backpacking in Iran has only been one of warmth and hospitality, and really, really amazing food!”

Alone in Iran – What Was I Thinking?