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Fresh from Farm is Real in Iran

Nartitee Ecolodge, Taft, Yazd Province, Iran

Getting fresh dairy and eggs in Iran is not about money; like much of life in Iran, it’s about politics. First and foremost depends on the quality of one’s connections: knowing a supplier whom you can trust, getting the right phone call when supplies arrive from the countryside and securing your share before they’re grabbed by others.

Persian Hospitality vs. Iranian Hotel Fiascos

Nartitee Ecolodge, Taft, Yazd Province, Iran

Iranians mostly stink at running hotels. The maddening inefficiencies and amateurish missteps found even in 5-star outfits are tragic (and often comical) examples of an ancient culture struggling with something essentially foreign. But receiving guests at home and connecting with strangers eye-to-eye, well, that’s as Iranian as it gets. Persian hospitality at home is a..

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