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Persian Hospitality vs. Iranian Hotel Fiascos

Nartitee Ecolodge, Taft, Yazd Province, Iran

Iranians mostly stink at running hotels. The maddening inefficiencies and amateurish missteps found even in 5-star outfits are tragic (and often comical) examples of an ancient culture struggling with something essentially foreign. But receiving guests at home and connecting with strangers eye-to-eye, well, that’s as Iranian as it gets. Persian hospitality at home is a..

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How Not to Visit a 7,000-Year-Old City

Maybod Yazd Province Narin Fort Iran Ali Torkzadeh Com 100 7

Here’s how NOT to visit a 7,000-year-old Iranian city: do your research beforehand, not after getting home. When I saw Meybod (MAY-boad) from the top of the 2,000-year-old Narin Castle, I was instantly sorry I hadn’t planned a longer stay. As far as the eye can see, there are old neighborhoods filled with narrow adobe walkways,..

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Shepherds of Iran: Ibrahim

Ibrahim, 72, A Shephard In Iran

Ibrahim is a blue-eyed 72-year-old shepherd in the village of Kharaghan, aka Qaleno-e-xaraqān, north of Shahrud. He spends his days tending sheep and goats in the rocky plains just south of the famed Cloud Forest. Some of Iran’s greatest philosophers and Sufi masters walked these same plains through the centuries. “I’ve been walking this field..

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The Anatomy of a Conservative Persian Home Visit

Persian Host Hospitality Home Nowruz Mashhad Ali Torkzadeh Com

The above image depicts the quintessential visit to a wealthy conservative Iranian home in Mashhad. The Purpose: the annual obligatory Nowruz (the Persian new year’s day) visit to Saeideh’s eldest aunt on father’s side. Guests are all of Saeideh’s siblings, their spouses, children and her mother. The Room: giant, encompassing half the 210 sq mt..

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Naderi Cafe

Tehran's famed Naderi (NAW-deri) Cafe, established 1927, on Jomhouri Ave.

Naderi Cafe is a 90-year-old Tehran institution, hangout for artists, students, nostalgic elderly, as well as grumpy waiters. The style is 1950’s Paris. Photos of famed performance artists, writers and poets adore the walls. Naderi (NAW-the-ree) has appeared in novels and films. The sweet cappuccino and the thick hot chocolate provide the perfect relief from new..

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Ants in the World’s Most Stunning Graveyard

Naqsh-e Rustam (Necropolis), near Persepolis, near Shiraz, Iran

I wasn’t prepared for the shocking views at Naqsh-e Rustam and I’m glad I wasn’t. I stood there, mouth open and oblivious to our tour’s guide’s explanations, starring at what must be the world’s most stunning graveyard. Persian kings were buried over many centuries, in tombs carved into the side of the rocky mountain and decorated with giant..

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Melancholy at Persepolis

Persepolis, near Shiraz, Iran

“Now you know why Iranians are so proud,” my wife told me after I visited Persepolis today. “This history is why they think they have everything and no one else – the Americans, the Europeans, no one else – compares to them.” I’m tempted to deduce just the opposite, that contemporary Iranians – who don’t..

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The Last Medicine Man

Mostafa Rahemi, Attari (Persian traditional medicine man) in Shiraz

Mostafa Rahemi, 80, is an attari (AT-tawry, traditional medicine man who heals using herbs and plant extracts) and a former bodybuilder. His store, filled with yellowing historic photos, is the only one left in an old alley in the ancient Shiraz neighborhood of Ghashoo-Ghashe, near Shah Sheragh Shrine.  Rahemi (RAW-hemy) says: “Seven-hundred years ago, back..

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